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Tango Stage Category Requirement For the Tango Stage category to proceed officially, a minimum of 10 participating couples is required. This decision is at the discretion of the Philippine Tango Championship's private organization.

In the event that we do not reach the minimum 10 couples, pre-registered participants will be asked if they are interested in an unofficial competition. Please note that in an unofficial setting, the organization does not guarantee prizes such as plane trips and stays in Buenos Aires. However, champions of the Tango category in an unofficial setting will still receive trophies.

Foreign Participants in Stage Tango If you are participating solely in the Stage Tango category and are from a foreign country, please contact the festival organization via email at at least 10 days before the event to confirm if the Stage Tango category is officially taking place.***

***   Tango Escenario category will not proceed as an official category due to the fact that we don't have the minimum of 10 couples according to the rules of Tango BA

Purpose of the Championship The Philippine Tango Championship aims to promote tango in the Philippines and showcase Filipino tango across Asia. To support this mission, we've introduced the FILIPINO GOLD PACKAGE, allowing participants to compete in all categories, attend all classes and milongas, irrespective of their country of origin. The package name is figurative and accessible to all.


Choose Your Package:


Includes all or any competition categories, admission to watch all competitions on both days,

all three milongas and all workshops.

Full Festival: all milongas, all lessons and to watch the competition. MUST BE PAID BY EACH PARTICIPANT.

SILVER PACKAGE: This package allows you to select competitions, milongas and workshops you would like to attend – some are to be paid per couple, and some individually. To Purchase the silver package, select the events  you would like to participate in, calculate how Much you need to pay and make the payment by bank transfer or PayPal, then send the proof of payment. Only one proof of payment is needed per couple.

SOCIAL PACKAGE: For tangueros who don’t want to compete. It includes: 3 milongas, 6 workshops, and watching the competition.

Payment Options:

Option 1: PAYPAL

Make PayPal payment using:

(You have to add US$ 15 over the packages)                               

                Filipino Gold: 250+15 usd

                Social Package: 200+15 usd

                Silver Package:Once you have made the total calculation of the chosen categories,

                 you will also need to add 15usd to the total account


Option 2: by TRANSFER ACCOUNT  you dont need pay extra money, transfer the original values.

Bank transfer to BANK OF AMERICA click here 

Filipino Gold: 250 usd

Social Package:200 Usd

Silver Package: Make a calculation depende how many categories you choose.

Upon payment, send proof of payment and couple's stage name (e.g., "Miguel & Rosa", "Carlos y Maria") via email to, and the country couple represents.


Confirmation and Access: Upon receipt of payment proof, you'll receive a confirmation email. At the event, complete a responsibility form during accreditation ("check-in") to receive your package bracelet, granting access according to your chosen package.


Click below to register:




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