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marca Festival & Dance World Cup
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2 - 5  MAY 2024

The "Philippine Tango Championship" serves as the official accredited Preliminary competition in the Philippines for the Tango Buenos Aires Festival & Dance World Cup/Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires. This prestigious event is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, representing the highest authorities in Argentine Tango globally. As such, the PHILIPPINE TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP adheres strictly to the rules and regulations set by these esteemed entities.

Moreover, the PTC offers an exceptional TANGO FESTIVAL experience, featuring 6 tango dance workshops, 2 milongas, and a guided practice with international instructors.

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Competitions and Recognition:


The "Philippine Tango Championship" proudly represents the TANGO BUENOS AIRES FESTIVAL & DANCE WORLD CUP in the Philippines. Competing couples have the opportunity to showcase their talents before an Official Jury Panel comprising internationally renowned professionals approved by the Mundial de Tango BA and the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

PTC holds the distinction of being the sole OFFICIAL TANGO entity authorized to confer the Official Philippine Tango Champion Titles. Moreover, champions from PTC have the exclusive privilege of competing directly in the SEMI-FINAL ROUNDS of the prestigious TANGO WORLD CUP BUENOS AIRES held every August, bypassing the rigorous qualifying rounds with over 600 couples.

Appointed by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires and the Directorate of Festivals and Central Events, the designated Auditor of the BA Tango World Cup oversees all aspects of the competition in the Philippines. Their role includes ensuring compliance with official rules, resolving any unforeseen issues, and calculating scores using the BA Tango World Cup formula.

In 2024, there will be 6 championship categories, including two Official categories represented at

the World/World Tango Dance Buenos Aires.

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    "TANGO PISTA" – OFFICIAL: Open to amateur and professional dancers, subject to official rules

and regulations.


"STAGE TANGO"  OFFICIAL; Open to amateur and professional dancers, subject to official rules and regulations.

"MILONGA" Open to amateur and professional dancers.


“VALS” –  Open to amateur and professional dancers.

“SALON TANGO SENIOR” – Open to social dancers (amateurs) over 55 years old (woman's age).

"JACK & JILL" -  Free category for the best leader and follower, with partner determined by draw.









Qualifying round


Semi final and final rounds
Milonga friday night


 3 Lessons
Gala Milonga of the 40's


 3 Lessons
Cocktel Milonga


Tango Escenario category will not proceed as an official category due to the fact that we don't have the minimum of 10 couples according to the rules of Tango BA.

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Philippine Tango Championship

2 - 5 MAY 


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